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Imagine, social media managers skilled in NLP techniques and masterful copywriting working for you.

We provide All-in-one full (SMO) Social Marketing Weapons for your business. Social Media Marketing is a procedure to drive massive  web traffic from social networking sites for advertising and marketing purpose.

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Claim Social Authority has been building Social Presences since early 2011. We provide a broad spectrum of result-oriented social services.

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 We are Social Media Experts

Social Media Advertising and marketing.
Social Media Marketing or Social Advertising and marketing or SMO has  obtained significance off late. Social networking websites provides tremendous advertising and marketing power that they can not be ignored. Everybody recognize  mySpace, FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Technorati and Squidoo. Social Bookmarking websites such as Digg are have likewise become a powerful advertising tool.

Social network Advertising is a process to take advantage of substantial quality traffic on social networking for advertising and marketing objectives. It can assist in creating brand name awareness, brand name advertising and exploding sales. Social Media has become an effective device in search engine Advertising and marketing. It easily gets  content visible on Web and rapidly attract individuals.

Social Media Advertising or Social network Optimization helps in honing the benefits of Social network sites for popularizing your company. An effectively launched SMO technique naturally  provides high rankings on the search engines and helps to produce website traffic. Sales are elevated and endows and edge over the competitors.

What Do Our Social Services Bring You?

Geographically Targeted Traffic!

With us you can target everyone in a single area or you can target the Entire World! Opt for Geo-Targeted views and select the regions of the world you wish to drive traffic from and just like that, everyone from Northern Switzerland, or Southeast Thailand will be viewing YOUR video!

Increase Traffic, Sales, and More!

An increase in traffic often correlates with an increase in sales in today’s internet market. Stay, not one, but several steps ahead of the game by gaining new customers in a cost efficient and effective means!

An Extensive Network of Powerful Resources at your Fingertips!

Our service is unlike any other; we provide you powerful tools to help you manage and track the success of your internet marketing campaign. With a built in dashboard, and a virtually unlimited access to the world’s most fertile traffic, you’re bound to have a successful campaign with little to no work from you!

Advantages of Social Advertising Services or Social Marketing Optimization or SMO
Social network Advertising and marketing or SMO poses numerous advantages. Some of them are detailed below.

  • SMO creates virality easily
  • It offers immediate exposure or visibility to the website, which in turn generates big amounts of web traffic to the internet site.
  • More exposure and better SERPs in search engines help in Enhancing brand name awareness.
  • SMO helps in getting back links by utilizing social bookmarking sites. It assists in increasing popularity and integrity of the internet site.
  • Use of social Advertising and marketing Services enhances interlinkages of the site. Subscribers like, share and spread your company posts. These services make access to the site so easy that anyone can find it and link to it with simplicity.
  • An additional advantage of Social Advertising Service is that it makes labeling easy. Quick links to social bookmarking websites can be activated to enable individuals to easily click and bookmark each page. It can be much easier if each page is pre added.
  • Social Advertising Services allow material in pdf files, audio files, videos and so on to quickly syndicate out to social networks sites. It enhances presence and popularity.
  • Using tools such as RSS feeds makes fan involved and they desire to connect with the site