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Popularity brings revenue. Tap renegade SEOs and internet marketers with 20 years experience in the USA and Philippines

Multicultural Marketers

Our team works from 5 countries and understand cultural nuances. Get your message across the world.

Site Authority

Midas Engineers has mastered the art of white hat site authority building. We skyrocket your website up to Trustflow 60 with matching domain and page authority. What will sky high search engine ranking positions do for you. The only white hat SEO Hackers who created pagerank 9 websites.

Social Virality

Popular people get ahead fast. So do websites. We skyrocket your site popularity to rockstar levels- whether on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud. Oh yes- Twitter and Pinterest too. What can 10 Million social followers do for your bank account? We are behind Instagrammers with 1 Million followers

Web Development

No website? We recreate your brick and mortar business into digital space. Our team mastered Joola, WordPress, Prestashop and a score of CMS. Hate CMS? We can hand code your SEO-optimized site with PHP.  Imagine having an SEO-optimized portal taking orders 24/7

Tried and True SEO Strategies

The previous PR Manager got our website manually penalized for an aggressive scheme. The SEO experts at Midas restored us to the good graces of Google. Thank you!
Bernie Cruz

Marketing Director, New York Post

We needed both an SEO Company and a web development firm. Midas did the services of both and created for us an amazing community site which drives a lot of hires for the company. No need to spend on Linkedin or Jobstreet
Jim Karrion

Marketing Director, Tata Consulting

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SEO Company and White Label Solutions Provider

There are hundreds of SEO companies and SEO agencies more visible than us doing a great internet marketing job. What you don’t know is that Midas Web Engineers does their work for them. Transparently. Powerfully. Awesomely. With results you can measure.

Whether you’re an individual SEO hacker or a mid sized agency, we can do your search engine optimization tasks for you.You collect maximum profit. Leave the dirty marketing to us. Your clients would praise you to the stars.

Don’t need an SEO business but you have a brick and mortar enterprise? Reach out. We can get you as popular as rockstars. It doesn’t matter if your desired keyphrase “US Government”, we can get you to the top with our tried and true SEO solutions.

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SEO Hackers Renowned
Let us blow your mind with this tidbit: 30% of all the internet marketers on the Warrior Forum, Blackhat World and Digital Point come to us to have their retail ranking done. They’ve ranked up legendary fame and we are their engine. What does that say of our proficiency?