In the post penguin internet marketing world, new strategies are required.

Search Engines Aren’t It all!

Well there are numerous methods to market your internet website online and drive that quality traffic to your website. The majority of individuals understand about online search engine optimisation  have a general idea of exactly what it is and exactly what it is everything about. So what about the various other approaches of marketing an internet site. We cannot all simply search engine optimise a site and afterwards simply wait for the search engines like Google to come by and pick it up. That simply takes too long and there are numerous  other sources of quality traffic that every site ought to use to become a popular and effective website. So lets have a look in to the other aspects of online advertising and marketing.

Social Networks

The majority of individuals understand about social networking and what it offers to the web, from thousands of teens developing the most terrible looking MySpace pages on the Internet to the Facebook profiles with every application installed under the sun. Social networks are a superb means to reach target demographics and certain people with specific interests. You can make the most of social networking by marketing your business or services on the social networks such as Facebook, MySpace or Bebo (there are lots of more). Facebook now offers pay per click advertising on thier social netowork. That is, you spend for every click of traffic that is sent out from Facebook to your site. These clicks can be targetted towards specific demographics and age teams to ensure much better click with rates and much better conversions of your advertisement on your website. Here’s a list of social networks

Social Network Applications

This is a kind of viral advertising and marketing that has appeared on the social networks over the last couple of years. As an increasing number of people try and personalize their profiles and pages to make their websites cooler than others, an increasing number of of these applications have appeared on the internet. A few of the most popular  Facebook applications include, the now extinct, Scabulous. Applications like these attracted a substantial user base that returned continually to the application page and were exposed to advertising or extra services. It isn’t hard producing a Facebook or any other social network application. The hard bit is developing a really good application that individuals will want to make use of and spread to all of their pals. In either case, as soon as you start a good social networking application, you’re taking a look at generating a nice quantity of website traffic or even cash.

Social News

So from social networking we take a look at social information websites. These websites are community based websites that rate and market news short articles that submitted to the network. Sites such as Digg can cause websites to fall on its knees with the quantity of website traffic that they can generate.  So use these with caution.

SMS on Steriods

These micro blogs aren’t hugely popular almost everywhere on the planet however where they still create huge quantities of website traffic. They’re somewhere between a blog site and a SMS. They permit everyones or customers that are following an users profile to get condition updates from profiles inform them when something is happening. It may not seem really effective but when you incorporate this innovation with mobile phones or the mobile web it is generally SMS on a mass scale. You can upgrade your online profile from your mobile phone, clever phone or iPhone and instantly inform everyone that is following your profile. A basic method to benefit from this kind of innovation is to upload updates about your items and services to these micro blog sites enabling everybody to access the brand-new updates and details.

Online Favourites and Bookmarking

These book marking services are just the exact same as the favorites folder in your browser. The difference to these online services is that when your computer system crashes and you have to re-install everything, you don’t loose your favorite bookmarks due to the fact that they are all shop online. Further more, these online links can be categories and marked making them search able. Various other individuals can browse these tagged bookmarks. As a website owner your can promote your sites and short articles in these online bookmarking sites and permit everyone to find them through the network.

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RSS Feeds.

Genuine Simple Syndication, the name is simple enough but the things you can do with the technology can become very technical. The basic use of RSS feeds is to push news posts and website updates out to all of the site’s customers. The traditional method of alerting your individuals about site updates is to do it with an email advertising and marketing campaign where e-mails will be sent out to users to let them understand of site updates. Sending out e-mails constantly to a substantial user base chews up bandwidth and contributes to the worlds spam. RSS on the various other hand delivers news straight to the individuals desktop or information reader where the individual and check for updates as they take place. Live and immediate updating is now enabled. This innovation can be taken even further for republishing on other websites, as well as publishing on micro blogs like Twitter. Being able to have your content released all over the web is a really effective thing. Example feed, – http://feeds.feedburner.com/pbwebdevblog.


With the introduction of Blogs came a large wave of publishers being able to get their content online. Not only has blogs given viewers the ability to have their content released online quickly and easily however it has actually likewise produced an enormous wealth of info for viewers to check out and find out about various topics and opinions individuals have on these topics. Having a blog site to promote your main site or material is a wonderful way to build quality traffic.

Email Advertising and marketing.

This is one of the traditional means of online marketing. Developing a double chosen in e-mail list will guarantee that individuals that you are sending out emails to actually want your email.

Campaign Screen.
SMS Advertising.

This is a really direct way of advertising to your customers or clients. I can likewise become extremely costly. If you have a last minute message to obtain out to everyone on your SMS list then this is the fastest and most direct means to obtain to all them.

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Search Engines.

Online search engine are a key quality traffic source for the majority of websites. Everybody understands Google. When you wish to find things online you are often discovering yourself stating, ‘simply Google it’ for your responses. Now, search engine optimisation will just allow search engines crawl your site much better. Excellent optimisation will make things even more available for the blind online search engine, however how do search engines understand that your website exists and how do you get ALL those online search engine to crawl your website. Well there are a number of various methods to get your website in to those search engines. Some of the techniques of search engine optimisation will assist your site get crawled quicker by online search engine but why nit simply submit your website to the online search engine and require them to crawl it. Most of the leading search engines out there will offer you certain tools that you can make the most of and get assist advertise your site to get it online. An easy XML website map is all you need to get going to send your website online.

XML Sitemaps.
Google Webmaster Tools.
Live Search Webmaster Tools.
Yahoo Site Traveler.
Pay Per Click Advertising.

Everyone knows that if you want to find something on the internet that you’ll turn to a search engine to give you the answers. Many of the websites that are returned for a search results page exist due to the fact that the online search engine deem them to be deserving of having that placement. It can take ages to get a website well placed in the search engines with great deals of online search engine optimisation. The simpler method to get a high placement. Sure it will cost you even more cash however if you want the traffic and excellent well targeted quality traffic then this is the way to do it. Pay Per Click Marketing! Most of the elegant search engines provide some sort of pay per click marketing. There is a bunch of history behind pay per click advertising but it is all the exact same where ever you look nowadays with Goolge, Yahoo and MSN Search being the huge players in online advertising.

Google Adwords.
Yahoo Search Engine Advertising and marketing.
MSN Search.
Press Releases.

Online news release are just the new means of releasing news all over the web. Doing a press release can trigger such a buzz and your news article can be gotten and put on sites such as Yahoo News, Google News, Forbes and various other major news websites around the world. Not just can these online news release be gotten by online publications but a few of these are also pushed out to print publications.


So there are more methods of post penguin internet marketing strategies,  but these are the major techniques that we use. Please do not hesitate to include more approaches to the post. This post will be upgraded with even more approaches of marketing. If you desire more information about any of these approaches of marketing or wish to carry out a few of them to your website then simply shoot us an e-mail and we’ll organise something for you.