Banner and Email Nuking

Do You Need Exteme Advertising Coverage? Drop us a line. Our network includes some of the largest sites in the world that not only holds authoritative dominance and traffic, we also have mailing lists sizing to the hundreds of thousands.

Here’s what you can benefit from us:

Banner Ads and Article Ads

We have sites in almost every industry imaginable:

  • Wealth
  • Self-Help
  • Diet
  • SEO
  • Sexuality
  • and more

Our sites are far more influential in terms of page rank, page authority and trust than big names like Expedia. All our sites are on the global Majestic Million. Consider our stats on MajesticSEO:

Comparator Results   Majestic SEO


What does it cost to advertise on our sites?

Our rates start at:

  • $40 a month for a banner or link ad on any inner page.
  • $45 one time fee for any article you submit to us for inclusion (you provide a relevant article with your backlink)
  • $90 a month for any banner ad on the home page


Email Marketing and  Social Media

Our email lists are highly targeted and extremely large. Our niches include:

  • Mind Power
  • Self Help
  • NLP
  • Wealth Building
  • Japanese Food
  • Health and Fitness
  • Technology

How well do our lists perform?

  • Open rate at 20% minimum, 55% average, and 80% maximum
  • Click rate goes as high as 70%. Lowest ever is 16%


If you’d like to blast a related ad or message contact us. Our prices come at a flat rate of $40 per inclusion of your message in our email blast.

Please use a tracker like Statcounter.com, Google Analytics or Quantcast to track the actual conversion of hits to your site from our email blasts.

Here’s a screenhot of our stats:



Are you ready to advertise? Contact us today!