What an Expert SEO Company Does in 2014

Deploy the Strategy of an Expert SEO Company for your Business

Ever wondered what an expert SEO company does to get high visibility. Read this article. It won’t be a secret much longer.

Keyword Density

Keyword density have to be between 2-4 %. It suggests your keyword needs to not be repeated more than two times or thrice in each 100 words block so if your are writing a 500 words upload your keyword count must not go beyond 10-15 repetitions. If it does, then Google will count it as over optimization.expert SEO company

Image Optimization

Optimize Image ALT tag with your keyword. It is always an excellent idea to save the image name with the keyword and upload them on the server with the same name. Bear in mind, Google is blind, and you require to supply information to Google to comprehend the image.


Sitemap Submission

Submit your site to the significant online search engine. Develop an XML website map and ensure the online search engine can find your site map. Use Google’s webmaster’s tools to confirm your sitemap is being reviewed properly: http://www.google.com/webmasters/

HTML Sitemap

Producing an HTML sitemap is a crucial part of your SEO endeavors. This verifies you that search engine spiders are crawling the site appropriately.


Avoid DHTML and Excessive HTML

Attempt to maintain HTML to text ratio. Make sure you offered significant insight in each and every paragraph and/or post by offering more text.

Avoid Major Content in PDF or Flash

Release your content in HTML format instead of Adobe PDF and Flash. Valuable material that is locked in these formats can not be easily crawled and indexed.

Robotics. txt.

This file instructs search engines that which part of your site is not available to search engines. Typically people misunderstands this ideas which results in replicate content or the description is not available due to robots.

Off Page Optimization.

Use Social Media Effectively.

Market your content on various social networks and media. Attempt various titles and descriptions that can engage users with your online endeavor. At first, target twitter, Facebook, Google+, Stumble Upon, LinkedIn and Reddit. Google is now giving more significance to social networks signals to bolster site rankings. Now is the time to make use of social media platform and turn the tale in your favor.

Generate Quality Backlinks.

There are numerous strategies to create back links. Guest post on other high authority website from exact same niche,  and comment  on the posts related to your site content, Forum Posting  ought to be made use of moderatly to gain more trust. Back links deserve a big chapter in itself and can cover scores of pages, however we do not not wish to exceed the scope of this article.

Note that Google introduced an upgrade called Penguin to punish the extremely optimized websites, which means that those websites which are having spam backlinks and utilize black hat back links methods.

Sites utilizing blackhat can get a warning and suffer a penalty due to the fact that if there is  genuine quality site/article then there should be great deal of variations in the anchor text connecting to that specific page, due to the fact that it is a common sense that not  everyone on the planet will connect to using the specific anchor text right? … Hence, when creating backlinks use numerous variations like.

dengue indications and signs in children.
dengue issues in kids.
children and dengue issues: signs and indications.
what are the symptoms in children with mosquito bites
kind 1 dengue issues signs in grownups and kids.


Use Google Analytics.

Install Google Analytics on your website.( http://www.google.com/analytics/ )If you’ve already done this, make use of the data from: Traffic Sources) Keywords to find extra keywords you could desire to optimize.

Keyword monitoring.

Monitoring your major project and keywords in the Google will provide you a clear details about your efforts. It’s therefore really required to track all your keyword positions. For this function, you can make use of complimentary and paid tools readily available online. My poison of choice is “serpfox.com” and “whatsmyserp.com”  to examine your keyword position.

Ideally, the above SEO advice will assist you to start your venture in 2014. Make certain you follow every one of them closely.