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Are you starting your online business? Don’t fall into the trap of just building pages and expecting people to come. A structure is required in order to attract clients to your site.

Behold: The Top Tricks of Expert SEO Services

Your site looks haphazard? More often, newbie falls in the trap and often gets confused where to start from. Before you even start link building, start creating a solid on page structure for your site

We (bloggers & web entrepreneurs) must write for our readers/users while keeping search engine rule in mind! Producing great content that reader’s love is is the first step to visibility. Following search engine rules is the second

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Like being invisible?

Excellent  Expert SEO Services  To Follow in 2014

I have used an adjective here– Excellent. These tips are special not because they are something that you have never heard of, but they are special as you have not understood these basic ones quite effectively!

Keyword Analysis inclusive of Competition Analysis

1. Determine Strategy for Keywords

You should be clear with your end goals that what keywords you want to play around with. Know who your target audience is and what buying keyphrases they use.

I personally recommend using good keyword tools to mine for these gems/ You can use certain keyword tools like www.keywordspy.com, www.ispionage.com, www.compete.com and www.spyfu.com. In order to get complete market scenario you must look at your competitor’s website. You can enter that website’s URL to any of the mentioned tools and get an estimation of competition.

2. List The Potential Keywords

Collate ten focus keyphrases and build your strategy round them. Let the tools give you an idea. An expert seo service would choose words that begin with “Buy” or “How to”. You can collate  all the results depending on your common  sense and list out 50-100 potential secondary keywords. Create an MS Excel sheet for these Keywords

3. Check Competition of Keywords.

Keyword competition is something most newbies/expert ignore. While sorting out bunch of keywords from Google adword keywords tool is the first step to follow, people often forget that the checking Keyword competition is equally important. There are plenty of tools available out there, but we recommend to try out tools like Traffictravis first.

Later, you can go for the premium tools like SEOMoz keyword difficulty and SERPIQ keyword competition analysis tool. Both the tools delivers the great result and cut down considerable work required in doing competition analysis as well as keyword competition analysis.

On Page SEO Tips


Use a content management service such as WordPress, Blogger or Drupal and optimize your HTML tags with the keywords. Make sure you also maintain text to HTML ratio. Always try to keep the ratio high so that Google can understand your content better. 1% to 5% density is an ideal SEO ranking practice.

5. Title

Use various plugins available for various content management platforms for SEO. The WordPress beginners should start with WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast to make on page SEO as much better as they can.

Write an exemplary SEO title tag to get maximum benefit in Search results

6. Meta Tags & Description

Your keyword must be there in your Meta tag and description. Your meta description must be in the vicinity of 157 characters. This is most important as Search Engines read meta description for understanding the post content.

7. URL and/or Permalinks

Your page URL must contain your key word or keyword phrase. It’s always good to minimize the use of STOP words in the permalink

8. Paragraph

While this is not necessary a big factor in ranking, try to include important keywords in first paragraph, so Google can clearly understand what the topic is about. While there is no fast and hard rule, make sure you include primary keyword within first few words of the article.

9. Content Length

As per Guidelines provide by Google, the length of your content must be more than 300 words. We advise you to write content with word count above 500 words. (It will help to protect you from “Animal Hit”). We recommend to go over 600-700 mark whenever possible. Instead of writing a simple post without proper information, you should focus your energy to provide quality content with necessary bullet point and images to back-up what you say.

10. Content Quality

Your content must be unique. Thinly copied contents are also getting Panda Hit nowadays so stay away from copy and plagiarism. Make sure you follow proper internal linking strategy without over optimizing anchor text.

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