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We quadruple your site’s value

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We are Midas Web Engineers. We’ve run seo services in the Philippines, USA and Canada since 2002 before the barnyard of pandas, penguins and hummingbirds have raided your playground. Our services are whitehat and unbeatable. Need proof? Most internet marketing companies rank nowhere for their keyphrases. We rank for 230.

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Know Fundamentals Online Advertising

Developing a proper online marketing approach is similar to constructing aSEO consultingnything– it begins with a solid foundation. That foundation comes from comprehending three fundamentals of online advertising:

  • SEO
  • Content Management Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

But understanding what each element does for your site isn’t enough. As many people found after the current Google updates, using even reputable advertising techniques improperly  can hurt your ranking. To maximize their benefits, you must look deep into the strengths and weakness of each expert seo strategy.

Expert SEO Strategy

When people hear “online marketing” and the online search engine,  SEO is usually the first thing that enters your mind. SEO is made use of to develop a website that the search engines will rank as one of the most pertinent pages for a given term. The fact is, 98 percent of searchers click on a page that appears on the first page results for Google, Yahoo! or Bing. You can see that search rank is a huge factor to business success! So don’t scrimp and aim for the cheapest SEO services. We can rank you whether you’re in the Philippines, Canada or USA

Developing a solid SEO technique consists mainly of picking pertinent keywords and offering important material connected to those keywords. In the past, SEO was driven by factors like keyword positioning, keywords density, as well as the number of times a keyword was used to associated with that page.

But the  search engines rapidly discovered that keywords could be easily controlled. A page that had nothing to do with a keyword can be placed in top 3, just by enhancing the page. Today, this means that websites which rely solely on keywords an be rendered impertinent by search engines. If you want your business to make money online, you have to create keyphrase optimized content both on page and off page. This is where advanced seo services developed from the Philippines and USA and take your business to the stars

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Rank like a pro

Expert SEO Strategy Best Practices.

  • Pertinent Keywords.
  • Valuable Content that is Shared.
  • A Website that Loads Quickly.
  • Both Images & Content.
  • Back links from Respected Websites.
  • Material Marketing.

Content Management – a Key to Good Seo Services  jointly developed in the Philippines and USA

Content Management  is not a brand-new principle. In reality, John Deere began the trend in 1895 when they released The Furrow, an agricultural magazine. Various other business like Jell-O, IBM, Apple, Burger King and Michelin did the same with dish books, computer magazines, tech sheets and vehicle pointers. Content marketing is very important because it construct your brand and motivate self-confidence in your business. In reality, eight out of ten consumers say that after reviewing a personalized publication, they feel much better about the business.

Online content marketing has actually broadened the field to include blog sites, training videos, podcasts, as well as computer games. However like all online approaches, content advertising has its downsides. Poor quality material is the most common mistake and can impact your ranking positions and destroy your brand. For example, content filled with grammar and spelling mistakes makes you look reckless and less than professional. Supplying statements without confirming the truths can make you look silly. Remember that the material you put on your site may be the first impression a potential customer gets of your business.

Google levies a premium on content. The search engine giant frowns on poor quality content of no value used for absolutely nothing more than back links. So Google acted versus these aggressive online marketers, and online marketers ended up spiralling. Many dropped guest blogging and content advertising entirely, worried that their ranks would fall.


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Social network Marketing.

Join us- dominate the workdExpert SEO services involves the social networks. For most, social media is absolutely nothing even more than a way to stay in touch with old buddies. However for companies, social media is a means to tie SEO and content advertising together. Search engines take take note of how many times websites and pages are cited on facebook, linkedin and twitter. Obviously, people won’t share shoddy content.

Social media is likewise ending up being the primary means content is shared. Sites like Twitter, Google+, Stumble Upon, and Facebook all enable consumers to share useful material with others in their network. Research reveals individuals are most likely to trust content shared from people they know, so a share belongs to a 4 star rating!

A common error in social networks marketing is thinking a a great deal of followers is all you require. In truth, lots of companies have sprouted up  to sell you 10 or 1000 ‘real’ pals or fans. Bear in mind that buddies and fans are insufficient– you need to develop engagement. Friends purchased are commonly not your target demographic or are fake accounts. Neither will help you complete your objectives.

In order to take advantage of an expert social network advertising strategy, you have to communicate with your fans and develop a real neighborhood. Make yourself accessible by allowing individuals to ask questions, voice issues, and even grumble. Then address these issues in an expert manner. Offer them material that  is interesting, not simply promotional. Keep in mind, social networks started with the objective of socializing!

Dominate Your Market

Need visibility? How about invisibility?  We at Midas Web Engineers  have over ten years internet marketing experience. Contact us if you need rapid visibility- or desire to keep the competition invisible.