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We quadruple your site's value

We quadruple your site’s value

Have you been stampeded by a zoo of Penguins, Pandas and biting Hummingbirds? You need internet marketing surgery. Fast.SEO power package

Get our Panda and Penguin friendly SEO Bundles. Our SEO packages are tailored to satisfy demands of various businesses. We offer comprehensive SEO plans, which include all the essential off-page optimizations. Deploy top tier hummingbird internet marketing strategies

Our White Hat SEO Methods

We at Midas  like large scale automation, but that doesn’t stop us from crafting a network of extremely powerful sites pointing at you by hand . We do exactly what others can not (seriously).

We developed the most solid ranking structure in the industry. We keep your website safe from google updates, while still offering all the link power that is needed for top tier positions.

Mida’s expert ranking services juggles several factors:

  • Trust Flow.
  • High PR.
  • Domain Authority.
  • REAL Social Factors.
  • REAL Authority Sites.
  • Page Authority.
  • Dofollow/Nofollow ratios.
  • Image/Anchor/Naked / Generic/301 Links.
  • Link Velocity.
  • Outbound Authority Links.
  • Co-citational link structure.
  • On Page Excellence.
  • Clean Code.
  • Page Speed.
  • Age.
  • White Listed Domains.

and extras that you simply won’t find anywhere else (and even become aware of).

citation flow

Most sites have just “9”. Report as of Jan 1,2014

Did none of this make any sense to you? No trouble. It just means that we know how to deliver driving ranking changes. We make the search engines believe that your site is the most vital authority in your niche and that your website should be ranked at the top.


Take your website to the stars with cheap SEO packages

The severe reality is that penalties are always possible when performing SEO. We understand that there are various companies who declare that this risk is inherent. That’s a lie. We decrease all the dangers so that they become negligible. While we can do black hat, we stick with white hat for safety.

Benefits of making use of Midas SEO Plans.

Our plans are packed with leading class quality and a kitchen sink of features and benefits. You can check out for yourself as listed below.

  • We provide authority link structure, one-of-a-kind content, back links diversification, social signals, anchor text randomization, steady link structure, news release, information links and video advertising and marketing and a lot more.
  • Our SEO strategies create you innovative link structure and you will get high quality one way links for your site.
  • Absolutely no reciprocal links
  • We provide unique material for offsite content. Our expert articles are spun to 90%- 99% uniqueness with perfect readability.
  • We use only extremely efficient and safe link building methods for safe and secure link building.
  • Every order goes through rigorous quality check to ensure exceptional outcomes.
  • You get a devoted project manager for each order to make sure hassle free order processing.
SEO consulting packages

How You Rank Fast


How Good Are We at SEO?

Bar none, we are the best. Very few SEO companies rank in the majestic million as we do. Our Rank is in the top 100,000 of the world’s trillions of websites:

majestic Million

Rank 100K




Pricing Structure for our SEO Packages

The competition charges $400 to $800 per month for ranking services. Here’s an example. Ours come more affordably.


Elite Rapid Ranker Package:

$500  per month to rank 5 medium competition keyphrases of at least four words per key phrase. We build at  new , high quality backlinks to your site on a monthly basis.  Setup fee of $350

Our standard package ultimately builds three tiers of ranking power spread across more than 20,000 sites within several months. Refer to the image below:

Elite SEO Ranking



Lethal Rapid Ranker Package:

$900 per month for 12 medium competition keyphrases of at least four words per key phrase. We build at least 4 tiers of  new , high quality backlinks to your site. Setup fee of $350


lethal rapid ranker


Zeus Ranking Protocol

$2199 per month per URL for 27 medium competition keyphrases of at least four words per key phrase. After three months, we should have built at least 30,000 tiered high quality backlinks to your site. Our PBN consisting of high trust flow sites will add power and take 27 keyphrases to page one within a reasonable time.  Includes home page link from a PR8/9. This is guaranteed: your SERP movement will have reached the heavens. Setup fee of $350

zeus ranking blueprint


The Power Procedure To Website Success

  • Contact us and inform us of the general keyphrases you will want to rank for.
  • If we accept the project, please remit the setup fee.
  • We will study your site and recommend  localized, long tail keyphrases that can be achieved and prove profitable.
  • These keyphrases are buying keyphases, not vanity phrases that fail to convert.
  • We will agree on those key phrases.
  • You will be informed where on your site you must integrate those keyprhases
  • We may optionally provide powerful content that you must post into your site (or we can do it for you) to aid in the ranking process.
  • We will begin a massive month by month seo silo creation and link building program
  • You can track the results via Google, Ahrefs.com and Magesticseo.com. Your bank account will likewise give signals of growth

Are you ready to dominate? Unlease the ultimate post penguin and hummingbird internet marketing strategies.

Contact us today.