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Hot Tip: Finish this article and you will have your site sitting on pagerank 8 in 7 weeks. Guaranteed

So you want to learn how to get a pagerank 8? It’s all very simple. Forget SEO. Pagerank has nothing to do with SEO and all that jibber jabber. A site can have a pagerank 9 even with barely any content- let alone optimized keyphrases.

What then does pagerank depend on? The straightforward answer: the quality and quantity of inbound authority links. That is what gets your pagerank up to the heavens.

Back in 2004, the author and his partner Marcus Wakefield wrote a definitive guide entitled “How to Get Pagerank 7”. Google it. It’s still all over the internet and one of well-flogged manuals on various fori. This manual exposed the need to create several independently authoritative “feeder sites”, each bearing a unique C class IP address and which  all point to one site. If the tiered-structure held, that one site ruled them all- it became a pagerank 7.

Does this 2004 technique still hold? You betcha, albeit requiring a lot more effort due to the panda, penguin and hummingbird updates. The principle remains in fighting form.

This article therefore explores several link building structures that can lead to a pagerank 8.

(proof? Check out the pagerank of this site)


Link building  is eternally vital in online marketing, and not just because it enhances your SEO. It  helps a website be found (click-through site visitors), produces leads, associates your net with other publishers (relationships), and develop a more powerful online brand presence.

Establishing yourself as an authority through inbound  links  is what search engines naturally desire websites/brands to do. This can be accelerated through synthetic link structure (link marketing).

The methods that follow implement scalable link-building strategies that help brands grow even if their websites start at pagerank NA.


I’ve personally deployed this tactic 12 times in the past four years for different clients (and my company). You may have a pagerankN/A or Zero site, but that can change in less than a quarter. The trick is to create a stellar wordpress theme that people will surely install. Encode and encrypt your website’s link into the footer- and presto- every website that installs the theme points back to you. Backlinks snowball faster than an x-rated video on facebook.

If you don’t know how to code a theme, pay someone at elance to do it. Spend $90 on him for proper motivation. That’s what I did in some occasions. Worked everytime.  This technique worked in several niches- whether travel, dating or exercise. Here’s a diet tips website that we got to pagerank 8. A travel website for the government hit pagerank 9 on this technique and a few other secret sauce tactics.

There is only one other fellow I am aware of doing this tactic. Check out Dan and his pagerank 8 website.


This can be a good investment for companies and/or firms who’re in for the long-haul (targeting specific niches).

The strategy is straightforward: simply create a database of royalty free photographs that require a link back to your site when the images are used. The tactic improves your link-building vectors from link attribution coming from bloggers who’ll utilize your viral images. Check out those sites that create memes or the networks that share startling photos such as pinterest. The linkbacks have kicked their ranking to pagerank 7

When you have set up your very own exclusive gallery of rich images, you can then begin making a list of blog writers that you can connect to (in your particular niche). There are lots of bloggers who are in demand of unique images that they can use, so having this as your value proposition (offering the images completely free or providing them used to your private gallery) will increase your pitches’ conversion rate.


Celebrities are often onion skinned. Try slamming a few of them online – within the bounds of decency. When they an their fans fire back, you get links. Hundreds of thousands of links. Not just from their websites, mind you. Imagine all the twitter feeds, facebook fanpages and linkedin accounts rebutting your statement and identifying your site. Indeed , it’s bad press, but bad press is better than no press. Every word that goes against you is a link in your favor.


Guest blogging has been the go-to strategy on planet  link building. The goal is not to be invited on some famous guy’s site and posting there, rather, you are to invite a famous guy to post on your site.

Huh? How does that work.

There are a lot of benefits to inviting visitor blog writers who actually know their stuff to add to your website:.

  • Getting cost-free adeptly made material that can rank for keywords (long tails) that you are also targeting.
  • Taking in the guest author’s fans once they start sharing the content they have actually added to your website (more special website traffic and possible leads).
  • Seasoned content publishers will almost constantly reference/link back to their previous works, and their contributions on various other sites are not an exemption.

A few pointers on implementing this tactic:.

Once your celebrity guest blogger has left his post on your site, you can expect:

  • That he will mention that post from within his own site and social networks.
  • His friends will share his guest post on their networks.
  • The post will go viral.

Viral is good. That implies a crazy amount of inbound links for you… and as we know, the more quality links, the higher the pagerank.


On page SEO helps. While not as powerful as inbound links, a properly silo’ed site can get link juice flowing throughout inner pages properly. To do this:

  • Build at least nine thematic pages linked from the homepage and which interlinks to each other using your ranking keyphrases. Make three of them link to the home page. The method ensures link power remains onsite.
  • Plug in Youtube videos relevant to your niche
  • Link out to relevant high authority sites like Wikipedia. Google will respect that and assume you’re providing useful content.


We’ve created over 70 pagerank 6 to 8 websites in the span of 7 years utilizing these tactics and several variants of it. It works (check out our rank and that of our client sites), it isn’t blackhat, and it is actually a full utilization of the google mandate: spread content that people actually use and love.

Are you ready to kick ass and create a powerful pagerank 8 site today?

Good luck!

-Joseph Plazo

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