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When you employ an internet company to handle your advertising project, whether it’s for SEO consulting, social media marketing, or online brand management, you’re not simply buying the logo, you’re employing people behind it. At Midas, we understand that.

Midas Web Engineers is a specialized SEO and internet marketing consulting company that provides companies with customized web marketing projects that ultimately gets popularity and conversions . The aim of Midas services is to expand your reach and assist your business to bring in certified customers. While other companies run after rankings, we think it’s a combination of ranking services and branding services that in fact delivers the REAL Results to our prestigous clients.

Why Trust Us?

Under a different name, we started search engine optimization before the advent of Google. Of Facebook. Of Myspace. We’ve been around before social networking was a geek’s wet dream. We’re behind the creation of multiple internet marketing forii and reddit groups.

We vaunt a pagerank 5.  We rank for 28012 powerhouse keyphrases.

Most SEO companies are pagerank 0. Feel free to compare us with some of our nearest competitors.

We obviously know what we are doing.

What’s In It For You

Visibility. We believe it’s a combination of seo, social media, online credibility management, content production and link building that constructs an authoritative and BIG brand on the Web. We shine the floodlight on your business for all to see.

Exactly what can Midas offer you that other SEO consulting business can’t?

Your bottomline. We bring rapid measurable results. You will see your ranking rise. You will see customers return. You will enjoy a healthy, bank busting profit.

As a growing company, we have actually gotten the right formula for seizing results. We’ll work with you to develop a customized marketing campaign that takes care of YOUR needs, YOUR revenues and your goals. And we’ll provide all of it in one truthful, straightforward manner, with the exact same fire and spunk that has in fact made Midas an internationally acknowledged SEO consulting firm.

Who’s Currently Behind Midas

Experts, blackhatters, white hatters, coders and designers. We have a global team working from every corner of this planet and linked by Basecamp.com project management. The founders are long time members of the WarriorForum, Digitalpoint and Blackhat World.

  • D. Ranklin:  Blackhat SEO. Social media expert. Noted to create website crushing traffic. Warriorforum expert. MS in information technology and MBA. Founded Midas 2000
  • J. Plazo: Founder of the Visionet eBBS system. Developed the overnight ranking system. Traffic generation expert and SEO author. Lawyer. Ph.D in Business administration.
  • K.  Langdon: Consummate SEO Silo advocate. Created many of the networks that create massive trust flow for target sites. Doctorate in business administration. Joined Midas 2003
  • Melissa Stuart: Content professional at MSN an consultant to three Fortune 500 companies. Master of Business Administration Joined Midas 2009
  • Jane Strauss: Business development expert. Entrepreneur. Built the P&G Malaysia marketing team.
  • James Clerk: 12 year web development head at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture). Joined Midas 2010

We are Global SEO Experts.  Need Proof?

We’ve optimized and ranked 1000+ sites since the turn of the century. Drop us a line and peruse our showcase.

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