Guest Posting Valuation – How Much Do You Pay

Guest positing is popular these days. Everyone wants to get high-quality guest posts on media outlets like CNN or tech leaders like BusinessInsider. The problem with this, however, is that many high-authority websites charge a lot of cash to publish content on their platform. Try puchasing a front page slot on CNN and expect to pay $10,000. A month.

Now step back and look at the big picture. Billboards are no longer the advertising darlings they used to be. All promotions are digital and money on high-powered websites hits superior ROI. Sales conversions are better as website advertising are focused versus the shotgun approach of a billboard.

For an online guest post, how much should be spent? This is where advertisers tend to see uncertainty.

Based on our own internal research and years of activity, this guide will give you an overview of what you should pay for online media buying. Site metrics fuel the site valuation process.

For a guest post focused on metrics, how much should you pay?

General rule: the higher the metric, the higher the fee.
But let’s break down into the top metrics that guest post buyers should look at . They’re divided into four different kinds:

  • Moz Domain Authority (DA_
  • Ahrefs Domain Ratin (DR)
  • Majestic Trust Flow (TF)
  • Traffic
  • Google Pagerank (now no longer displayed)

Moz Domain Authority- Propensity to Rank

This metric was created by MOZ a decade ago on the basis of a basket of SEO attributes. The Moz DA assesses how well a site will eclipse the compeition on search engines. The domain authority is accessible publicly from a score up to 100.

Obviously, the closer the score to 100, the better the site’s power recognized by the search engines. This score is affected by 40 different signals that can include, but are not limited to, trust scores, spam scores, age of the platform, number of traffic link speeds and platform size.

Websites with a greater DA rating than 20 should be minimum stadard. If you are looking to gradually build up your ranking through a number of guest posts, you can start within the DA 20-30 + range. If you are looking to really help push your ranking efforts in a short period of time, then concentrate on DA 40-50 +.

In general, this comes with a decent price tag attached. How much is the DA range going to cost you? Let’s break it down against the amount of traffic combined with DA.

This reflects on what publishers have paid for and what customers have been asking for over the years.

Guest Posting Valuation - How Much Do You Pay

Google Analytics, Cloudflare or Statcounter ascertain real traffic. Do not use Alexa because it relies on flawed estimates which is derived from people using the Alexa Toolbar.

Ahrefs Domain Ratin (DR)

A website metric that Ahrefs publishes is Domain Rating. This metric is designed to reflect the strength of a website’s total backlink profile. This is determined by do follow links and indexed pages. The domain ranking is computed on a scale-out of 100. The higher the value is, the stronger it is.

If you use a no-follow link to link to a website, it will not increase the DR ranking.

As long as dofollow links are used website backlinks increases its DR. Websites they connection to will also be affected in a positive way.

With this in mind, it is also important to understand that you also need to pay attention to spammy websites with less than 10 domain rating.

For instance, it is most likely spammed and should be avoided if you have a site that is DR 11 and it has a lot of referring domains. On the flip side, if you have a DR 5 site and it has a limited number of reference domains, it is most likely a newer site that did not acquire enough backlinks.

And how does that have an effect on how much you pay?

In terms of DR and traffic combined,here’s the standard since 2015:

Guest Posting Valuation - How Much Do You Pay

This site has a DR of 63

Guest Posting Valuation - How Much Do You Pay

Majestic Trust Flow (TF)

Trust Flow is a metric that Majestic devised to assess site trustworthyness. It is based on credibility of those that connect to it. Getting links from gambling, porn or conspiracy sites indubitably leads to low trust. Trust flow is estimated on a scale of 100. The higher the score for TF, the better.

How much am I supposed to pay for a guest post?

Generally, in conjunction with Citation Flow, Trust Flow must be balanced. Almost always, Citation Flow is higher than Trust Flow. If Trust Flow is high , this means that the site has backlinks of good quality pointing to it. When Citation Flow and Trust Flow are even or similar, with clean backlinks, it means the site has a decent selection of high-quality content on it.

You can start with TF 10 + and work upwards while working off Trust Flow metrics for your guest posts. It can really help with your rankings in terms of the confidence of a website if you can get websites with TF 25 +.

Here’s a guide focused on traffic numbers and Trust Flow

Guest Posting Valuation - How Much Do You Pay

Website Traffic and Site Visits

Traffic is the ultimate metric by which companies drive revenue. When paired with other metrics, the organic traffic number of a website is one that should take priority.

How much am I supposed to pay for a guest post?

Website traffic is a good metric to focus on for the following reasons when looking to find places for guest posts The standard prices follow:

Guest Posting Valuation - How Much Do You Pay

Traffic is a gold standard because:

  • It helps improve your efforts at SEO.
  • It allows referral traffic to be sent back to your website.
  • In front of potential guests, it helps to boost the brand name.
  • It helps to have an effect on your competition.

It’s important to asceratin actual people are visiting the site while searching for a guest post on high-traffic websites,. This ensures that the content is sterling.

This site generates an average of 12, 000 unique visitors during the year 2020

Guest Posting Valuation - How Much Do You Pay

Google Pagerank (PR)

Five years ago, Google published site pagerank on a scale of 1 to 10. The higher the page rank, the faster a site ranks for its given keyphrases. Sites with over a pagerank of 4 ranked on the first three pages easily. Those with pagerank 5 onwards were gods of the internet marketing world with virtually overnight SERP improvements. Pagerank was so valuable that an advertsing banner on a website with pagerank 7 can command $10,000 monthly.

This site used to be a pagerank 6

Moving Forward

In the acquisition of advertising space during your media buying, understand that metrics and traffic is the first level analysis. Knowing the reputation of website’s you plan to advertise on as well as their impact on your branding guidelines take center stage. Would you advertise health food on a funeral parlor chain?