Online protection measures can have an effect on your SEO rankings. A lack of them can destroy your bsusiness. Here are three ways that the security of your website could affect your SEO.

Computer hackers abound. They aim to damage websites and individuals and are much more savvy than the average internet user would expect.

Website protection is something you need to take seriously as a digital marketer. This isn’t just because it’s just ethical, but because your SEO scores are directly influenced by online security initiatives.

  1. HTTPS influences your search engine ranking positions. Any digital marketer knows that its organic search rankings must be won by a website.

It’s easy to get caught up in the mentality of finding out what Google “wants” to see on a website of high quality, and there is nothing wrong with that to some degree.

But as an SEO, your ultimate goal is not to just to please Google. It is to satisfy consumers, to offer what they need and want.

And while this often implies delivering important, authoritative information to users, it also implies providing them a secure platform to interact with. An unsecured website threatens the online protection of users and could throw a wrench into your SEO.

  1. Beware of Blacklisting
    Having a website with weak security does not mean that you have any evil intentions.

However, the lack of security on your site also puts you at great risk from hackers.

Your website can get hacked without security as hackers will spam your site with defacement and links..

You might not be able to catch this until it’s too late.

If someone is hacking you for link building, you can presume that they are linking to sites that you do not want your website.

  1. Users need to see how trustworthy you are
    Many of the people visiting your site are likely to be alerted to red flags that it’s not safe.

If they see that you don’t have HTTPS in your URL, they may leave immediately. But if they get direct warnings that it’s not safe, they’re almost sure to leave as soon as they get there.

If there are high bounce rates on your websites, your lack of protection may be a reason why.

And yes, you can go and fix the problem, but just note that your website offered bad experience and it takes years to rebuild trust.

Have you checked your website recently? You might have a dozen breaches and not know about it. This can explain low sales and trust. There are multiple online services that can test your site security. Do yourself a favor and evaluate yours.