How to Build a PBN or Private Blog Network

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Planning to create A PBN to enhance your money sites? It’s easier than you can imagine. Follow these rules and you’ll never find yourself with a penalized network.

10 rules for constructing the private site network

Distinct Registrars: Obtain domain names through distinct registrars. Have the Privacy Guard active on 70% of the domain names. Fake those site whois records if you must. 

Distinct Hosting: Each web site ought to be on a distinct Subnet IP address. An IP address is symbolized as AAA.BBB.CCC.DDD. The subnet pertains to the the CCC and DDD. Domains, as a best practice ought to reside on a separate subnet network. While you avail of unique registrars, do avoid SEO hosting- it’s better to host your sites on Godaddy or BlueHost than on a company that brands itself as an SEO host. The search engines keep an eye on their IP addresses. You’re painting a bull’s eye on yourself.

Exceptional high quality  content on each one of the sites. No cheap spun content whatsoever. Treat the domain names in your PBN with respect and invest in  quality.  High value content gets shared- that gets you social signals which boost your site authority.

Each domain name links out to your key site just once.
There shouldn’t be any site wide links – only links that are embedded in contextual text. Google hints that  non-contextual links will be devalued.

Each page has a maximum of 15 outgoing links. Keep some inner pages free from OBL whatsoever. This rule keeps your  link profile natural.  As a best practice outbound links from one page ought to reference authority sites related to your topic.

Each domain  on the PBN links to your money site only after you have 10 pages on your PBN domain. The first few links must reference important websites in your market. Do not just link outside to wikipedia, youtube and other large websites. Select important websites in your market. 

Vary your anchor text. This may be based on your own present link profile. For those who have a varied link profile, then its fine to utilize special anchor texts to rank. However, in case your website is brand-new, use anaked url anchor texts too.

Link to your money site from the knockout pages on your PBN. Take note- the homepage is not always the best page to link outwards. The best ranking power comes from the page which has:

  • At least 20 backlinks to that homepage or inner page
  • A scattering of 301 redirects to that page
  • Social signals

Our sites can insta rank even brand new pages when we link from a PBN page that has, as a minimum:

  • 20 backlinks to that specific page
  • A site Domain Authority  of at least 25, with page authority of 20
  • Site majestic trust flow of  at least 11
  • Google pagerank of 4+
  • Social signals of at least 100- any social network.

Do not disclose your PBN to others.

Absolutely No selling PBN links on newsgroups

Behold- Private Site Network Architecture:


The aforementioned  image illustrates a sample network architecture for a PBN with 3 domain names. A micro private website network would have about 30 domains, whereas bigger ones can quickly grow to above 1000 domain names. Each domain also links out to other high authority websites in your market.