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Imagine making money by selling digital advertising, search engine optimization and social media campaigns to your clients. The average SEO Company charges $500 to $2000 per month per client.

Now Imagine Delivering Traffic To Your Clients Like This

Traffic Generation Techniques


Yes. That’s 11,000 unique visitors per day with a lot of revisits. Your client would love what you can do for their business. Jobcentralasia is one of our domains- we run it for charity and use it as a test bed for traffic generation.


Then Imagine Transforming Your Clients Into Authority Sites. In Two Months.


Authority Sites


Very few companies can  get you into the majestic million (top 1M sites of the world). Even fewer can boost your authority to page rank 9 or have your campaigns go viral on social media. Our competitors don’t even have the right to brag- their domains have next to no traffic and are banned on google. Page rank N/A?? They’re running shady campaigns. We do things the proper way. And powerfully so.


Can your SEO Company Do Ranking This Thorough?

zeus ranking blueprint

That’s right. We create as many as 10 tiers of contextual do follow web real estate to your site. That’s a lot of credibility. The competition uses a two-tier spammy approach based on SENUKE or Xrummer. You’ll never rank with that. In fact you may even lose your site in the process. Can you risk that?

We Can Do Your  SEO Transparently. Your Clients Would Hail You.


SEO White Label

Run a business anywhere in the world

Need a business? Try our White Label Fanatic SEO  Program,.SEO white label reseller
We at Midas bring you an outstanding SEO resale service to help you start your own SEO Business. We cater to industries needing internet marketing products consisting of web design & development, Internet research, Internet advertising and marketing, and more. Our services are ethical and you can see your search engine rankings shooting to the stars.

We provide various SEO resale programs – from content generation up to full blown internet ranking and marketing . You can promote and offer SEO by getting our SEO resale plans if you do not have your own SEO team. You get clients, then pass on orders to us and we will do it for you. You can sell SEO bundles under your brand by tapping the full spectrum of our expert internet marketing services

Advantages of Midas SEO White Label Reseller

Our SEO resale service plans are feature rich. Enjoy these benefits:

  • You enjoy the opportunity of selling our SEO services under your Brand Name.
  • You enjoy hassle and cost-free chance to run your SEO company.
  • You can broaden your company services without any issue.
  • You get strong Client Retention rate by utilizing our services.
  • You save time as we provide on time service.
  • Our all the SEO plans are 100 % ethical and hence you will be offering your clients SEO pondering latest Search advertising trends in an honest means.
  • You can make attractive revenues through our SEO resale services.
  • All our bundles are complete .
  • We work on your behalf, your client’s will never understand we have done the SEO work for you.
  • We offer fully professional and private services. You need not worry that any of your information could leak at anywhere.
  • We work for you, your client’s info will never appear on our site.
  • We offer submission reports after conclusion of every SEO order, which will be uploaded to your client’s ranking suite.
  • Our reports have details about all submissions showing where all back links have actually been put for the customer.
  • Client can verify work progress on third party tools like majesticseo.com.
how to survive penguin 2.0

we ranked youtheffect.org to the first page for an explosive keyphrase – in 3 days

The Process Flow for Our White Label SEO Resellers

  1. Email us your intent to resell our internet marketing services
  2. We come to an agreement on the packages you will offer and the profits you will make. Your profit is any add-on you decide to augment to our base service price. Exemplifying- our monthly price for for Level 1 SEO is $199. You sell it to your client for $399. That means you make $200 profit on that client. Remember- the competition tends to charge $500 to $2000 per month.
  3. Set up your website on a dotcom or free hosting site. Design it well and list your internet marketing services.
  4. Setup your payment processor. Take orders.
  5. Pass on the orders to us. You keep your part of the profit and remit to us our share of the base price. All the prices at this page are wholesale prices
  6. We begin the work in earnest and send you monthly reports

Start your own internet marketing and SEO company today. Be an SEO white label reseller. Contact us for details.

Our company charges the lowest in the industry- but with maximum effect. Analyze our domain carefully for all ranking factors. We blow away the competition in terms of page rank, trust flow, citation flow, domain authority and page authority.

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