The Majestic Million Creator

The top One Million Websites of the world enjoy 50,000 visits daily. What can that do for your business?
We quadruple your site's value

We quadruple your site’s value by working on your site authority.

30 days from now, you can sell your weak website for $5000

Look at your inventory. How many websites do you have. Are they making yourevenue? If you have several websites that have failed to generate the  income you expected, then it’s time to dispose of them. But of course, selling them in their current state will yield you a few dollars on auction houses like Godaddy Auctions, Sedo or Flippa. In order to command top dollar for your virtual real estate you must have any of the following:

  • Extremely heavy traffic from US or Euro people
  • High Pagerank
  • You’re in the top 1 Million sites of the world

The absence of these attributes make your site worthless. We can change that. Our full SEO Pacakge can increase your ranking on google and page rank in a few months. Once you hit pagerank 5 onwards, your site can easily sell for $5000 to $5Million.  Sites in the Majestic Million can command even more- after all, what company wouldn’t want to own real estate that ranks among the one million top sites of the world. Here’s proof from an ongoing auction tallied by prpowershot.com


page rank prices


What We Can Do For You to Make Money

If you have an inventory of useless and crappy sites, we can transform them into powerhouse sites in about a month. While it takes about 2 to 6 months to transform you into a pagerank 5 to 9 likes ours, we can get you into the majestic million in 30 days or less. Yes that’s right- you will be among the top 1 Million sites of the world and that means the value of your site will be astronomical- just like the sites above.

How We Do It

We use a powerful template that forces Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Authority and Page Authority from a web of external sites straight into yours. In less than 30 days, this web catapults you to the top tier and gets your weak site joining the pantheon of the majestic million. To see the real value of this , check here, here and here.

We can prove it of course. This site itself ranks 100,000 out of the world’s top 1 Million sites. And it just keeps rising (along with the traffic!)

majestic million


You can expand your portfolio

If you have sites that you want to sell, let us take that site to the Majestic Million. You can then firesale it in 7 days at a mere $3000 on auction. Or you can have the auction run for 60 days and sell it up to $1Million. How does that sound?

And you never knew you were sitting on a pile of money making assets.

We can take your site to the majestic million for a flat $199 fee. We will refund you if you don’t hit the Majestic Million in 30 days. (No other company in the world offers this service!)

Here’s how to proceed:

1. Email [email protected] your URL and three desired keyphrases you would like the ranking matrix to focus your ranking on.

2. Sit back and expect your site catapulted to the top of the million sites in the world.

3. Sell your site at inflated prices that can buy you a Bugatti.

*The keyphrase/keyword attribute is not the focus of the campaign. You will see increases in keyword ranking, but not to the same degree as that that of our Full SEO Package.