Online Reputation Management Services

If You Own Rich Jerk Corp, There is Nothing More Unnerving  than seeing this on Google:


scam reputation management


Fortunately We’re Here To Cleanse That Bad Rep

For the average Joe, online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of giving individuals and businesses full control over their online search data. As the web expands and technology explodes, securing your good name might seem like a difficult task. To battle adverse press, slanderous write ups, social media attacks, forum posts and other unfavorable search outcomes concerning your name or business, you require a leader in online credibility management with a time-tested portfolio.

online reputation management services

Care for peace of mind?

Search results page can make or break your business, and they can considerably affect your personal life. Having favorable top search results for your name or brand name can  insulate you from attacks and criticism, and that is exactly what ORM is all about. It is shown that 90 % of individuals do not search past the first search page for any given search question. To insulate you from attacks that appear in these listings, Midas Web Engineers constructs highly complex and optimized press to control the first few pages of significant search engine results with nothing but positive info embellished for each client. Midas uses innovative and solid techniques to guarantee the very best results in the reputation management company.

Exactly how Does Online Reputation Management Services  Work?
The first step is easiest. We examine whether the adverse content breaks the law and/or guidelines established by the hosting site.

Acting on your behalf, Midas Web Engineers looks into actually the content removed. If this is not possible, then we’ll get right to work developing overpowering digital assets that you possess– favorable, high quality content that provides an honest and powerful “you.” The mix of these brand-new sites  supported by high authority web assets reach the top search results. The favorable websites surpass the negatives, so in just a month, dirty information is buried.

It is true that online reputation management services is in its infancy, but we provide an outright solution to most bad press problems. By systematically placing one-of-a-kind content with high value websites, building digital devices and properties that affect search results page, and carrying out both an instant and long cycle option, the majority of issues can be handled, subdued or removed entirely.

Exactly how Long Will it Take?

You can search engine rankings for your name or business within days of  your authorization. Each problem responds in a different way and enduring results for some problems may take numerous months. But rest assured. We will not stop till the first three pages of google are purged of bad press pertaining to your fine name.

Midas Web Engineers delivers sanitized content regularly in a  natural, organic and believable manner. Hasty “instant” results seldom last. Develop a permanent option and make your financial investment remain.

An example

Let’s say that your brand is “Nova University”. When people type “Nova University Scam” and “Nova University Diploma Mill”, the first 3 pages of google contain bad references from several forum and review sites. This is bad for business- and the fact that you aren’t a diploma mill makes it hurt more.

What we do is to create scores of good press on high pagerank sites that may have titles like:

“Nova University: a Victim Of Scammers?”

“Nova University – No Diploma Mill”

“The Nova University Scam Free Institution”

With hundreds of quality content promulgated on the most powerful sites, bad press disappears just like magic.

Your Investment

We guarantee that your reputation will emerge clear as driven snow up to the third page of google and other search engines. The process takes a month to 3 months on average. Our price is the most affordable on the web at $197 a month.

Can you afford $197 a month? Perhaps the better question is “Can you NOT afford to cleanse your name”

Contact us and relish peace of mind.