Ultimate GSA SER Tutorial 2015

Ultimate GSA SER Tutorial 2015

GSA SER Best Practices

New to SEO?  While you can pay thousands of dollars to SEO experts like MajesticSEO, you can also learn to do it for yourself. This guide explains how to set up a quality campaign using GSA Search Engine Ranker (GSA SER). There are no better tools on the market to do what GSA SER does. While not everyone has the budget to buy/subscribe SEO tools- this one tool can handle any project more adroitly than SENUKE can.

Some subjects I will include into this GSA SER guide:
– introduction of the basic settings
– groundwork to start a successfull campaign
– tweaking scripts and project alternatives
– scheduling the campaign before, between and afterwards

Keep these basic GSA SER tactics in mind

– Quality over quantity in Tier 1
– Build more links to Tier 2 and 3 than to your money site.
– The campaign is divided to primary and secondary links
– In the end you have to determine…
… what kind of platforms/engines that you want to use
… what type of filters/settings are useful
… how deep your link pyramid must be

Before We Proceed, Grab The Best Tools on the Market!

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Primary and Secondary Links

The chief thought is to keep the campaign as natural as possible, only drive contextual dofollow links through your tiersand strenghten each tier with secondary links.

Recommended Primary Engines (contextual, do follow):

– Web 2.0’s: All with the exception of Opera or Xfire for instance, because those are no follow websites. Additionally assess profile only sites like Technocrati. I’d choose to post to high authority websites first when starting a new campaign and you may also add sites by hand if not supported by SER. Squidoo or Tumblr for instance.
– Article Websites: Same as Web 2.0’s. High ability websites first.
– Website Posts: Drupal Blog, vBulletin Blog and similar engines
– Social Networks: Same as Blog Posts. Decide which platform suits best for each tier. JCow for instance could be used for secondary linking only as its no follow.
– Videos: The only engine we should make use of is ClipBucket.
– File Sharing: Just Scribd is acceptable for 2014, but  more acceptable engines will be added in the future
– Wikis: Moodle, TikiWiki and MoinMoin comes in head as they’re do follow. You should be more carefull with these programs in Tier 1 in my opinion

Recommended Secondary Engines:
– No Follow Contextuals: JCow, MediaWiki and alike. Those engines could be used for varying the backlinks to your cash website.
– Microblogs / Social Bookmarks / Web Directories: Only point these to each tier to strenghten your site/links
– Market related Comments: It seems like a good idea to me if some great blog comments are pointing to the cash site
– Site-/Picture Comments / Trackbacks / Profiles / Guestbooks: Use this to attract the spiders so your created backlinks get indexed faster

Characteristics of each Grade

Tier 1
– High quality links that will follow. PR of that website is a great factor
– The more stabe the link, the safer it’s to put it nearer to your money site
– Contextual, important content which makes sense should be used. Write for people, not for search engines. This helps to get your links approved and stay longer on that website.
– The aim will be to build PR to those site and eventually pass the juice to your money site
– Very strict use of the bad word list, PR- and OBL filter
– Use LSI in your anchor text

Tier 2
– The links of this Tier will be used to develop your Tier 1 and its PR
– Lesser quality, higher amount compared to Tier 1
– Websites should be easier to build than in Tier 1
– Links should last several month in best scenarios
– Contextual, useful & on subject matter content that could be created with tools like ACW, WAC or KILOMETER for instance
– PR and Domain filter do not need to be as demanding anymore. You can also consider to loosen up your bad word list, too

Tier 3
– Lowest quality, as many and as quickly as we can go
– Practically anything goes
– Link life isn’t as important as in the upper Tiers
– This links are used for attracting search engine spiders and to demonstrate them the appropriate direction
– Anchor text doesn’t matter that much and you could use a very high percent of generic keywords (again, not 100% certain about this)

This GSA SER Tutorial for 2015 Can be Best Summarized by this Chart provided by a good member of the GSA Forum

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